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Long-term goals

 The primary goals of building a well-off society in an all around way in Anhui are: The provincial GDP increases by 9.2% annually during 2003~2020 and by the end of 2020, the provincial GDP reaches 1750 billion RMB and GDP per capita exceeds 3000 USD; The disposable income of urban residents and farmers reaches 18000 RMB and 7300 RMB respectively; Employment rate is enhanced to a high level and social insurance system is perfected in urban areas and is able to cover the rural areas by the large; Total population of the province is controlled with 71million and 50% of people are urbanized; secondary education is popularized on the whole and the enrollment rate of school of higher education reaches 30%; Healthy service covers every citizen of the province; Forest coverage is over 30%.

  The period between 2003 and 2007 is the beginning stage of building a well-off society in an all around way in Anhui. The chief objectives of this period are: Annual increase of provincial GDP reaches 9.5%, the total economic volume of the province reaches 562 billion RMB and the GDP per capita exceeds 1000 USD; The rate of industrialization is 40% and of urbanization of the population reaches 37%; The disposable income of urban residents and farmers reaches 8800 RMB and 2700 RMB respectively. A solid foundation will be made for building a well-off society in an all around way in the province.

  The construction of the eight key industrial bases and six major projects will be accelerated to make a platform supporting sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the province’s economy.

The eight key industrial bases

1) The manufacturing base

Automobile sector: capable of turning out 1.2million automobiles and auto parts
Machinery sector: capable of turning out 30000 forklifts, 8000 excavators, 500 thousand tons of environmental protection equipment kits.
Household appliances: capable of turning out 200 million appliances

2) The base of raw material industry

Metal sector: capable of processing 130 million tons of steel and 600 thousand tons copper
Non-metal sector: capable of producing 100 million tons of cement and processing 5 million tons of other non-metal minerals.

3) The base of chemical industry

Petrochemical and coal chemical sector: capable of processing 5 million tons of crude oil and 15 million tons of crude coal.
Rubber & plastic sector: capable of producing 120million tires and 1.5 million tons of plastic products.

4) The base of energy resources industry

Coal sector: capable of turning out over 100 million tons of coal
Electric power: capable of producing 20 million KWT of electricity (the project of supplying Anhui’s Electricity to the East will be carried out)
Coal liquefaction: capable of liquefy 1 million tons of coal

5) The base of high and new technology industry

Six high and new tech industry centers with local characters and advantages will be fostered. They are Hefei science and software center, Hefei biochemical pharmaceutical center, Huainan biochemical pharmaceutical center, Wuhu new material center, Tongling electronic center and Bozhou modern TCM center.

6) The producing, processing and supplying base of quality and safe agricultural products.

Agricultural production sector: developing into one of the 10 producing and supplying base of quality and safe agricultural products.
Oil, cereal and fruits processing sector: capable of processing 12 million tons of cereal, 3 million tons of oil and 1 million tons of fruits.
The sector of in-depth processing livestock: capable of processing 10 million pigs, sheep and cows/oxen, 100 million poultry and 200000 tons of dairy products.
Textile sector: capable of producing 3 million spindles of yarn
Paper making: capable of producing 2.8 million tons of paper and cardboard

7) The national famous tourism resort

Centering the development of the Yellow Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain and Taiping Lake, the province is speeding up the construction of key scenic sites and the infrastructure of tourism cities, reinforcing the marketing and management system of tourism industry and improving the overall image of the tourism cities to foster the development of tourism as a mainstay of our province’s economy. The goal of achieving a total tourism turnover of more than 40 billion RMB among which the turnover of the two mountains and Taiping Lake amounts to 12 billion RMB has been set. The province aims at becoming a worldly renowned tourism resort.

8) A major cultural province

Emphases are given on the development of newspapers and magazines, entertainment and performance industry, books and audio & visual products, cultural tourism, arts and education, antique auctions and others. The province has set the goal of realizing an added value of 25 billion RMB in cultural industry which will occupy around 15% of the total of the service sector.

The six basic projects

1) The flood-prevention project

While perfecting the treatment of Yangtze River, the province is paying more attention to the treatment of Huaihe River. Major and medium sized reservoirs will be reinforced and projects perfecting the drought resistance systems of Jianghuai hills and Huaibei plain will be conducted to safeguard the state-level key cities and towns.

2) Communications

Emphasis is given on the improvement of the highway network. The framework of a highway system connecting each cities and major peripheral cities with a total length of 2500 km will be formed to associate the province more closely. More than 600 km of railways will be added to complete the Lu’an-Hefei-Nanjing section of Ningxi Railway, the hub of tongjiu and Hefei Railway so as to form the east-west railway network and off-Yangtze River railway network. Huangshan Airport will be expanded and Hefei Airport will be improved.

3) Information system

The construction of Digital Anhui will be thoroughly carried out all around the province. Network infrastructures will be improved to build an advanced Digital Anhui trunk telecommunication networks and new-generation network digital processing center. The utilization of information will be promoted, and E-office and E-commerce will be popularized. A databank and service system covering 80% of the enterprises and 50% of the consumers will be completed. Informationalization is particularly promoted in the manufacturing industry and in 2002 the rate of the application of CAD and others will reach 90% in this sector.

4 The ecological project

The construction of building an “Ecological Anhui” will be launched. Centering the prevention of the deterioration of the ecological environment of Anhui, a series of measures will be taken to protect zones with important ecological functions, zones with important resources and zones with excellent ecological conditions, and to strengthen the comprehensive treatment of major rivers. New growth areas in ecological economy will be fostered and ecological agricultural bases will be established. The industrial structures will be adjusted and the framework of ecological economy will be complete. The province will make great efforts to control the environmental pollution and ecological deterioration of the ecologically vulnerable areas such as Huaihe River, Chaohu Lake, Jianghuai watershed and complete, by the large, the framework of environmental protecting economy and that of the scientific and technological supporting system of the construction of “Ecological Anhui” before 2007.

5 Project of credit

A project to build a “ Credit Anhui” will be launched. In 2007, the following four systems will be established on the whole: the governmental information publishing system with local governments of all levels as its main body and electronic government administration as its basis; the trade self-regulating and self-guarding credit system with trade associations and their member units as the main body; the inner self-regulating credit system with enterprises themselves as the main body and risk management as its basis and the social commercial service credit system with the intermediary agencies as the main body and market operation as its basis. The systems are planned to foster a custom of attaching great importance to honesty, credit, and personal integrity in society. The framework of “ Credit Anhui” will be laid out.

6 Project of talents

Importance is attached to cultivating, attracting and using the talents and emphases are given to the building of the talents teams in the fields of governmental administration, management of enterprises and specialized technology. Each year there will be about 100 promising young civil servants, scientific and technological elites sent abroad by the provincial government for special training or further education. For experts, scholars and professionals who have made important contribution, a special subsidy will still be provided. Preferential policies are made to attract students overseas and domestic and overseas high-level management professionals. New ways of employing and using human resource suited for modern enterprises are explored to build a professional management team of high quality. Vocational education will be strengthened to train plenty of high-level technical professionals. The construction of an income distribution system is facilitated to make sure that people’s rewarding is fair and in accordance with their contribution.

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