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Anhui In Brief

Adjoining the most dynamic area of Changjiang River Delta, Anhui Province serves as an important link binding the economies of China''s east and west areas, possessing its own market of a big population of 500 million within its radiation.
Blessed with spectacular landscapes represented by Mt. Huangshan, Mt. Jiuhua and Peace Lake, prominent historic figures like Laozi and Zhuangzi, and the profound cultural legacy including the world-famous School of Hui studies, Anhui Province is a most ideal place for spiritual sublimation, sightseeing and recreation.
Based on abundant resources, well-developed science and edumunication and so on, Anhui has built up its own production bases of national importance in agriculture, energy, raw materials, machinery, electronics, textile and light industry.
Anhui Province is experiencing a vibrant economic development with enormous business opportunities. At present, in terms of its aggregate GDP turnout, Anhui ranks the 14th place across the country. In terms of total international trade volume, Anhui stands in the 11th place. So far, more than 6,000 foreign invested enterprises have been established. As a result, Anhui Province is increasingly becoming well known as a hot land attracting foreign investment.
While vigorously implementing the "861" Action Plan, the people of Anhui, industrious and intelligent, are exerting all efforts in fast development of a more powerful province with wealthier livelihood as well as construction of a comprehensive well-off society. In near future, Anhui Province would become China''s important bases for processing and manufacturing, new materials, chemical engineering, energy, new and high technology, high quality and safe agricultural produce processing and supply as well as a world-famous tourist destination and important base for cultural industry. We sincerely welcome all overseas friends to initiate business operations in and conduct exchanges with Anhui Province on the basis of mutual benefit, and create a most brilliant future with joint efforts!

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