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Anhui Jiangnan Industry Zone

Established time:  May 2010

The original approved area: 200 square kilometers

Approved area: 200 square kilometers

Investment intensity: 2.2 million yuan / mu


The Director of the Administrative Committee   Zhang Xiang-an

Tel: 0566-2210111

Fax: 0566-3217034

Add: Meilon streets Guichi district Chizhou

Postcode 247126

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Investment-invitation and Import-export trade

By the end of 2010, Anhui Jiangnan Industry Zone has introduced 37 enterprises. Major projects including engineering plastics with investment of 1.2 billion Yuan; photovoltaic materials with investment of 12 billion Yuan; biopharmaceutical with investment of 2 billion Yuan;  thermal power plant with investment of 2 billion Yuan; Jiu hua lake tourist resort area with investment of 20 billion Yuan; The Project of headquarters Base with investment of 3 billion Yuan


Develop industry

Mainly develop advanced manufacturing, Modern Service, High-end leisure industry, etc


Industrial Cluster

Formed a solar photovoltaic industry, which represented by Dong-Li-Duo Crystal Silicon. The Advanced Materials Industry, which represented by Jieshijie engineering plastics co. , etc. The bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, which represented by Hai xiang pharmaceutical co. , etc; The modern service industry, which represented by Jiu hua lake tourist resort area, etc.


Sponsor:Anhui Province Investment Promotion Agency
Technical Support:Anhui International Electronic Commerce Center
ADD: Chief Cultural District Hefei Qimen Road No. 1569,Anhui,China  Zip Code:230022  Tel:(0551)63540171  Fax:(0551)63540192