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Export of Labour Intensive Products Growth Against Trend

In first two months of this year, the total export of tranditional labour intensive products is 5.32 billion Yuan in Anhui Province, a growth of 9.1% over the same period of last year.


Some data from customs show that the export decline 13.5% per month since November of last year, the export of traditional labour intensive products remains weak. Until February of this year appears growth against trend, export is 2.47 billion Yuan in the current month, year-on-year growth of 89.6%.  


The government has launched a series of policies which called “Stabile Foreign Trade” promote foreign trade export strongly. In first two months, the export of traditional labour intensive products of private enterprises is 3.43 billion Yuan, increasing 1.8%, accounts for more than 60%. In the corresponding period, the export of traditional labour intensive products of foreign enterprises is 940 billion Yuan, increasing 23.7%, accounts for 17.7% and the export of traditional labour intensive products of SOEs is 950 billion Yuan, increasing 28.2%, accounts for 17.9%. The export of general trade and processing trade presents double up. Among them, the export of traditional labour intensive products of general trade is 4.55 billion Yuan, increasing 7.4%, accounts for 85.5%. The other one is 740 million Yuan, increasing 17.5%, accounts for 13.9%  


The analyses of customs shows that the cost rising to make products less price competitive advantage. It has further increased the difficulty of export. The disadvantages which including lake of self-owned brand and OEM processing mode also hindered the development of some traditional industries. The low-value-added traditional labour intensive products are unsustainable. To develop products of high technology and high-value-added is the best choice in the long run.

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