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2015 Turkey International Traffic Exhibition

Time: May 27, 2015 to May 29, 2015

Venues: Turkey Istanbul Exhibition Center (CNR EXPO)




During May 27, 2015 to May 29, 2015, the current traffic exhibition will be held in Turkey Istanbul Exhibition Center. In order to meet expectation of a real high quality exhibition in traffic field of Turkey and surrounding countries and regions, Holland Amsterdam International Exhibition Center and NTSR which is a senior exhibition company in Turkey join hands to held this exhibition. This exhibition will follow the international quality and successful concept of INTERTRAFFIC and make it become the highest quality traffic exhibition in Asia, Europe and Middle East.


Exhibitors: All exhibitors will be composed of manufacturers and importers which are related to principal infrastructure construction, traffic management, product and service of safe parking. They will show the latest achievement to the market of Istanbul international traffic exhibition.


Visitors: This exhibition will focus on all professional enterprises which are related to principal infrastructure construction, traffic management, product and service of safe parking and experts who include consultants and contractors.  


Sponsor: Beijing Frank International Exhibition Co.,Ltd


Organizer: Beijing Frank International Exhibition Co.,Ltd


Exhibition Range:


1. Infrastructure: Public lighting, road construction and maintenance, rail technology, tunnel technology, road equipment, road signs, street furniture, reflective material, consulting and research.


2. Traffic management: Communications, remote information handling, intelligent traffic technology, smart card technology, alarm system, consultation and investigation, traffic charging system, emergency disposal system, traffic information and control system, urban construction plans.


3. Traffic safety: Traffic signs, traffic lights, fenders, barrier/guardrail system, traffic cone, speedometer, traffic safety clothing, emergency equipment.


4. Parking supplies: Parking, materials, parking lot, parking fee management system, entrance guard system, barrier/guardrail, monitoring system, consulting and research.

Sponsor:Anhui Province Investment Promotion Agency
Technical Support:Anhui International Electronic Commerce Center
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