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To Promote Preparatory Work of Hui Merchants Conference efficiently in Anhui

        On 22nd of August, Anhui government hold preparatory work meeting of China International Hui Merchants Conference and informed general planning and arranged tasks of preparatory work. Fang Chun-ming who is a vice-governor attended this meeting and delivered speeches.
Fang Chun-ming pointed out that holding 2016 China International Hui Merchants Conference successful is the concrete action of developing concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared. In order to open wider to outside world and build high-level cooperation exchange platform, each city and each department must enhance responsibility and focus on the theme of “develop new idea and transform new chance”, highlight cooperation in the fields of new industry, new technology, new model and new business type and organize activities such as high-level forum, projects signing, exhibitions and investment study.
       Fang Chun-ming also emphasized that each city and each department must strengthen coordination of overall plan, improve working mechanism, and focus on key aspects such as projects, reception and security so that promoting all preparatory work efficiently and make this conference as a trade fair.

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