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Bengbu is called Beng for short because it abounded  in pearls, it was given the name of Pearl City. In the beginning of 1947, Bengbu was formally established as a prefecture-level city under the direct jurisdiction of Anhui, which is the first city in the province. It is located in the southernmost part of North China Plain and at the intersection of Beijing-Shanghai railway and Huainan railway. It is also the largest hub of high-speed rail in Anhui, where Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway (Hefei-Bengbu section) join up. The Huai River winds across the city. It is close to Fengyang and Nanjing. Now Bengbu is an important hub of Anhui, the commercial and trade center, processing and manufacturing center and the command and control center of post and telecommunication in Northern Anhui.

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